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And I'm the lady behind Megan Jerndt Photography! I created this business back in 2012, shooting some seniors, family sessions, and even my first couple of weddings. I went to school for Fine Art Photography at IUSB and graduated with my Bachelor's degree in 2016. I took a few years off after graduating college and then came back into the industry full force in the spring of 2019 when a few friends asked me to photograph their wedding, and haven't set my camera down since.

I love to travel as far as my pockets will allow. Seeing nature's beauty brings me so much joy and inspiration! So far I've visited six countries and thirteen states. As much as I have a love for travel, I also have so much love for my little family with my husband. Spending time together is my favorite pastime.

Capturing others' love for one another is such a beautiful thing and shooting those in between, genuine moments - gosh, it's my absolute favorite.

I'm a photographer, dreamer, + go getter


My Aim is to Do

Everything I can to make your experience of working with me fun






Life Experience

Beautiful reminders of places we’ve been...

& people

We’ve Loved

I Actually Have a Degree

I’m Obsessed With

in fine art photography

my cats - Nala + Rusty

My Favorite Person is

Nothing makes me happier than

my husband, Eric!

having my family together

I’m Addicted to

I Started This Business

at the age of 19

pizza pizza!


I said I'd never get a tattoo - now I have ten!

Some stuff you need to know about me

Why I do what I do -

My family. Photography has always been a major passion of mine. Ever since I can remember, I always had a camera in hand; as I got older, I found such a deeper meaning to it all. When my grandfather passed my senior year of high school, it made me realize how much taking photographs – often – really meant to me. Capturing those moments of my family and friends that we’ll now always have to cherish became so important. Memories may fade, but photographs will always be there, and I want to capture these special moments for YOU. I want to tell your story through these images that will last for years to come.

*photos taken by Brooke + David, Marissa Rae Photography, and

Cari Hughes Photography*

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