Frequently Asked Questions

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• Is our wedding package cheaper if we don't do the engagement session?

No - the engagement session is complimentary. I strongly suggest taking part in an engagement session; I'd really love to work with you before your big day! That way I can see how you both work in front of the camera so I can come up with some fun shooting ideas that would fit you best as a couple, and you can see how I work behind the camera! Also, who doesn't love "free" photos?!

• Do you deliver every photo you shoot? Or only a specific amount?

No and no. I take out all of the unflattering, blurry photos, but I do not keep any photos from you by only giving a specific number of photos back.

• Can we get the raw files?

RAW (unedited) photos will, under no circumstances, be delivered. When you hire me, you hire me for my professional quality, along with my editing style.

• Do you provide partial day wedding/event coverage?

Yes! If one of my packages doesn't meet your needs, reach out and we can come up with a custom package that works for you.

• Will you be choosing the location or should we decide?

This is generally something we would discuss after your initial inquiry. Depending on your needs, location, and budget, I'll make a few suggestions.

• What do I need to do to secure my session?

Send me an inquiry, and I'll get ya on the books as soon as I receive your deposit to secure that date!